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ATOSHI invests in martial arts movie “Sword Master”

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ATOSHI invests in martial arts movie “Sword Master”

December 07
04:06 2021

ATOSHI CEO Liao Wang signed a cooperation agreement with movie producer Ruan Yan recently. ATOSHI officially invests in the martial arts movie Sword Master.


ATOSHI CEO Liao Wang and Ms.Ruan sign cooperation agreement

The movie is adapted from the novel Sword Master by Gu Long, a famous martial arts novelist in China. It casts Chinese superstars Benny Chan and Cao Ying in the lead roles. Mr. Liao made guest appearances in the movie. He played several roles: a general, an official and a gifted scholar.

Ms. Ruan vowed to help promote the pubic image of ATOSHI and the development of its products with her rich resources in film industry. Now, she is the product consultant with ATOSHI.

ATOSHI will cooperate with more and more excellent movie producers and directors, invest more in film industry to increase the popularity of ATOSHI. ATOVE (a fashion brand held by ATOSHI GROUP) aims to be a popular brand like Zara, and ATOSHI (a luxury brand held by ATOSHI GROUP) will continue to strive for more success, following the examples of Hermès, LV, and Chanel.

Personally, Mr. Liao will continue to play roles in future invested movies to boost the development of ATOSHI.

Besides, ATOSHI has invested in innovative angel projects, cryptocurrencies, high-potential stocks, high-quality real estate, ATOSHI Charity, etc. to expand its applications. ATOSHI plans to establish ATOSHI Investment, which may be stronger than Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. It sounds like wild talk. How can it be realized?

The market value of Amazon is about 1.5 trillion dollars, and Alibaba is near 1 trillion at its peak. ATOSHI Mall is a blockchain e-commerce platform with huge potential. TikTok has 1.4 billion users globally. ATOSHI short video Detok aims to be “Blockchain TikTok”, which enables video copyright protection and transfer, so that video creators will be more motivated and passionate. If ATOSHI Mall and Detok are very successful after years of efforts, ATOSHI will have 1 billion users and 10 million dollars daily income (Of course, if it is not the case, the following assumptions may not be realized or ATOSHI investment will be reduced).

If ATOSHI invests 1 billion dollars in a unicorn company like Amazon at early stage and asks for 5% of its shares, on condition that they should accept ATOS for payment and a discount is only available for ATOS payment. Due to the inflow of 1 billion dollars and 1 billion users from ATOSHI, Amazon can grow fast. So they won’t refuse this offer in most case.

Amazon’s hundreds of millions of users may buy ATOS to get discount, which means a huge increase of ATOSHI users as well. As a result, the price of ATOS may skyrocket. As ATOSHI holds ATOS, ATOSHI may make 10 billion returns in one months due to skyrocketing price of ATOS, plus 5% shares of the unicorn company and hundreds of millions of users. Such miracle may happen in the blockchain field.

In this way, ATOSHI can invest in more and more unicorn companies to get more returns and users in short time. In each of these companies, ATOSHI holds 5% shares. Then ATOSHI will have a huge number of users worldwide.

Hayek, Nobel laureate in economics, proposed: “In the future, there should be one or more international currencies which are not issued by any country.” They could be Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some other cryptocurrencies. By establishing ATOSHI Investment to increase huge users, ATOSHI could be one of them.

Now, ATOSHI has about 7.5 million users. ATOSHI APP is opened around 650,000 times a day. Users of Detok spend more than 2 hours watching videos on average.

With great strategic visions, ATOSHI CEO Liao Wang predicted: There will be some blockchain companies 10 times bigger than current biggest company. ATOSHI is trying to be that future blockchain company.

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