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WIMI’s 5G+Cloud+AI leveled up The Industry Holographic Ecosphere Has Established

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WIMI’s 5G+Cloud+AI leveled up The Industry Holographic Ecosphere Has Established

December 31
19:21 2021

The concept of holograms has long been a staple of science fiction movies. Dennis, a Hungarian scientist in the 20th century, proposed a new imaging concept of holography during the process of studying electron microscope, but limited to the conditions at that time, the imaging quality of holography is very poor. In the 1960s, Goodman, Lawrence and others put forward the new concept of digital holography, which opened the era of precise holography. Time and space moved to modern times, the continuous progress of holographic technology, gradually transfer from academic applications to our daily life.

A simple explanation of holographic technology is that it is a similar virtual animation scene space that appears around life. Such virtual reality technology can be collectively referred to as holographic technology. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the development of The Times and the progress of technology have promoted the birth of numerous business investment opportunities in human history. Holographic technology industry at a specific time point and technology development structure, contained in the exploitable business opportunities to erupt, will have an earth-shaking impact on the public’s life and work.

According to market research, the hologram market will grow to $2.16 trillion by 2035. In fact, as early as 10 years ago, with the application of the holographic industry, each technology major factory has begun to layout, and the industrial agglomeration structure has gradually formed a trend of industrial agglomeration from the past individual loose. WIMI.US, a listed company, has always been the operator and service provider of holographic technology. After long-term preparation, both the technology reserve and the construction and transfer of the ecosystem have become increasingly mature. And WIMI is creating a standard holographic industry supply chain upstream and downstream manufacturers alliance and research and development combined with the market application comprehensive system, so that technology can be applied to create a holographic market.

Public information shows that, since its inception, WIMI focus on the field of holographic technology of various professional technology research work, for hardware technology and three-dimensional multimedia holography application technology integration work, with a variety of holographic application technology. In addition, it also has various content IP property rights to integrate investment. Based on the dividend of the global holographic industry development, it gathers top AR holographic media and technology companies in various fields to achieve strategic investment cooperation and create the holographic industry chain. WIMI will face the new application ecology in the 5G era, and build the industry holographic ecosystem through 5G+ cloud +AI strategic upgrade.

As a new generation of communication technology, 5G will connect more terminals, services and users through high-speed and low-delay networks. 5G network can meet the requirements of VR/AR services for network environment. The substantial improvement of network speed makes the accelerated digital life in the 5G era more imaginative, and opens more possibilities for the presentation of high-quality content together with the full scene and multiple terminals. WIMI has nearly 5000 holographic virtual IP rights and interests, covering holographic animation, virtual live broadcast, virtual idol and virtual social networking, providing users with massive quality content in the first time, bringing rich experience of watching the whole “visual” industry on the whole scene terminal devices. With the support of 5G network, Users of WIMI can enjoy more than a number of selected AR games in its AR application market and explore new AR application experience in the 5G era.

As one of WIMI services, cloud service business mainly focuses on IDC Internet data center and cloud value-added services, with professional cloud data center, cloud value-added services and big data services as the main direction. It can make intelligent recommendation based on the needs of users in different situations such as work, life and entertainment. In essence, the beauty of holographic cloud platform depending on the applicable scenario is divided into B, C, for advertising, cinema, home decoration, entertainment and recreational companies such as holographic virtual contents and technical support services, provide the required in AR/virtual reality/smart glasses, SDK plug-in system such as resources for the global enterprise customers to provide quality support and data services. With excellent service quality and market reputation, WIMI won the award of “2020-2021 Advanced Unit of Scientific and Technological Innovation” in the 18th Chinese Scientists Forum.

Nowadays, emerging technologies such as point cloud computing, big data, AI, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things are widely used, and data technology and value use are gradually being explored. Therefore, this is another important field of WIMI layout and holographic ecology. As is known to all, the WIMI is an enterprise with technology, its core technology to connect virtual reality content, media application technology research and development of strategic mode, the whole scene, is the first time in the holographic industry is a blend of AI technology, embedded synchronization point cloud technology to protect the ecosystem of the creators and consumers. In addition, WIMI combined with AI technology application module, finally introduced the 5G era, through the introduction of mobile application technology technology, to create another wave of new era revolution.

It has to be said that the establishment of the holographic ecosystem of the industry is a long process, and the corresponding strategic upgrade of the holographic ecosystem requires not only reliable content and services, but also comprehensive ecology and technology. In this regard, WIMI is committed to the technical integration of “5G+ cloud +AI”, and multiple forces go hand in hand, relying on the differentiated advantages of full-stack and full-scene AI and AR solutions, high cost performance of diversified cloud service architecture, 5G collaborative ecology and global localized service and support. The three are closely integrated with each other, and release great energy, so that consumers feel high-quality products and services.

The progress of science and technology is making people’s life more comfortable and convenient. Holographic technology will be highly combined with the game and entertainment industry, the great change of the holographic era has quietly entered the life of citizens, from advertising, entertainment, games, life and various visual fields, there will be a wonderful immersion change. Of course, this is a long-term process of construction and development, technological innovation and system improvement, but in the future, all people will enter the fully connected holographic ecological form under the support of innovative technology. The young generation will also be the “aborigines of the New era of the Internet”, and WIMI will dig into the market deeply, and also set out to become the prospect of global AR technology scale and ecological development strength.

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