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Bitstamp will introduce WEB3.0 technology to open a new era of cryptocurrency

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Bitstamp will introduce WEB3.0 technology to open a new era of cryptocurrency

July 06
17:21 2022

Bitstamp is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, leveraging blockchain technology to provide advanced financial services to traders around the world.

Bitstamp provides currency exchange, options trading and perpetual contract trading to help traders optimize their strategies. We are also one of the largest digital asset exchanges by trading volume, serving millions of users in over 100 countries. With nearly $100 million in daily trading volume, our BTC futures are recognized as the industry’s gold standard.

Bitstamp believes that blockchain technology will remove barriers to transactions, improve the efficiency of transactions across society, and ultimately have a significant impact on the global economy. We strive to achieve our goal of changing the world and never stop innovating and improving our customer experience.

Safety is always our top priority. Bitstamp adopts a variety of advanced technologies such as GSLB and distributed server clusters to provide a safe, reliable and stable environment for digital asset transactions through the web interface. We also invent and develop products based on the needs and recommendations of our clients to provide the best trading experience in the industry.

Bitstamp is an internationally renowned digital asset trading platform and the world’s leading index contract trading platform, dedicated to providing global users with safe, professional and convenient digital currency index contract trading services. All contracts on bitstamp are paid and purchased by USDT. From the user’s point of view, bitstamp provides customers with security technical services with its ultra-high technology in the blockchain field. The latest multi-factor security mechanism is adopted from the inside out, with high security performance, ensuring the safety of user funds.

After several years of development, bitstamp has been recognized by the majority of users. In order to provide better services in the future, we obtained a supervisory license from Luxembourg in 2016. The main objects of supervision are businesses and companies related to money services.

The scope includes international remittance, foreign exchange, currency transaction/transfer (including digital currency/virtual currency), ICO issuance, provision of prepaid items, issuance of traveler’s checks and other services.

In order to better serve global users, according to regulatory requirements, bitstamp upgraded its services in 2022, reviewed all digital currencies on the trading platform, eliminated some digital currencies that did not meet regulatory requirements, and launched other compliant digital currencies. The requested premium digital currency. All upgrades and transformations are only to bring investors the safest and most convenient investment.

Bitstamp Exchange Feature Highlights

The Bitstamp exchange has major innovations in technology and operating rules. Technically, the 100% cold wallet storage mechanism is completely isolated from the public network to ensure the security of user assets; contract index transactions ensure no slippage/instant transactions. Make sure that the service is not interrupted and that there is no operational blockage.

Bitstamp is a new generation of encrypted asset trading platform with high performance of millions of concurrent transactions. It adopts a multi-node global custody and clearing underlying chain model to provide individuals and institutions with transparent encrypted asset services.

Bitstamp cooperates with well-known quantitative trading research centers, and introduces Web3.0 related technologies. Through the intelligent analysis of cloud big data based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, it collects real-time parameters such as global humanities, politics, and economy, and develops the world’s first diversified, multi-dimensional The digital currency intelligent trading system of parametric data model provides users with real-time advice. By adjusting the investment structure, it helps users to obtain maximum benefits and minimize risks. This bitstamp optimization will reach a strategic cooperation with the WEBT blockchain team, introduce Web3.0 related technologies, and create a safer, more efficient and more convenient trading platform. Bring a better experience to all users, let users transform from a single use platform to truly become a part of the platform, break the traditional model of the past, and bring benefits while trading. When users browse and use the platform, they can generate corresponding reward as income. The longer you use it, the greater the benefit. Similarly, the greater the amount of funds involved in the transaction on the platform, the greater the benefit obtained at the same time.

The emergence of WEBT blockchain technology aims to create true decentralization, owned by users and collectives. Through its decentralization, de-trust, de-licensing and many other features, increase artificial intelligence learning and apply it to NFT markets, chain games, Defi, medical, sports, etc., to create a better and more powerful ecosystem, which can ultimately allow It brings more benefits to users while using it.

This strategic cooperation between bitstamp and the WEBT team will bring more development opportunities for both parties, and will also bring convenience and benefits to more people

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