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Chain Game Aggregation Platform Power Ecological Model and Strategic Trends

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Chain Game Aggregation Platform Power Ecological Model and Strategic Trends

March 03
04:00 2023

What Power wants to do is not as simple as a “chain game aggregator”. What they really want to do is a “big ecology that seamlessly connects the Metaverse and NFT transactions.” Under this concept, the aggregator is more of a link in “aggregated finance”, not a “transaction efficiency optimization tool” that meets the needs of current NFT players. Therefore, the integration of Power’s three major platforms (GameFi aggregation platform, NFT trading platform, and GameFi content platform) makes it more ecological.

Compared with a year ago, the trading volume of NFT has plummeted, and with the thunderstorm of the exchange FTX, the decentralized economy has also experienced chaos. As a platform operating in the space, Power unsurprisingly expressed optimism. In his view, some interesting themes emerge, the most important of which is games.

Through games, DeFi has successfully entered GameFi from TradeFi (trade finance), and then endowed NFT with commercial value through financial methods. And NFT also introduces differentiated assets based on scarcity to DeFi through games.

Games support the application value of DeFi and also give meaning to NFT assets.

Therefore, the NFT trading platform built by Power will firstly revolve around game NFT trading. Through the flow control of the aggregation platform, it is Power’s biggest ambition to quickly deploy the Metaverse NFT industry.

At the same time, the Power content platform includes services such as creation, information, and media. According to the official statement, the platform will also seamlessly connect with on-chain services in the future, such as aggregation, NFT, mining and other sectors.

Pledge mining ecology

On February 15th, Power launched the mining ecology of pledging Power to give energy value. Up to now, 5760 Power have been destroyed, the total energy of the whole network has exceeded 44000000, and the total assets of the whole network have exceeded 7990000. The results are gratifying! An innovative mechanism that enables Power to evolve and run forever.

In order to build a bridge between value-driven and digital economy empowerment in the real world and the virtual world, in the later stage, Power will also create a Web3.0 aggregation chain business Metaverse platform to carry out a new ecological layout. It will create and launch AI IoT + Token + metaverse chain business + NFT ecological closed loop, with the five-year plan as the first cycle, and create a long-term, stable, safe, and efficient aggregation platform serving hundreds of millions of users around the world for four consecutive cycles. Jointly build a highly autonomous community ecosystem and share the dividends of platform development!

In the future, the Power global ecology will incubate more ecology one after another, using Power TOKEN as the eco-economic certificate to continue to exert ecological momentum and empower the value circulation of the blockchain.

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