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Donald Ewert, Founder Latam Invest Co Opens Up About The New Investment Opportunities In the Caribbean and Playa Belen Resort & Marina

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Donald Ewert, Founder Latam Invest Co Opens Up About The New Investment Opportunities In the Caribbean and Playa Belen Resort & Marina

May 11
16:36 2023

Donald Ewert is the co-founder of Lataminvest Co, who has since taken critical steps to help Panama grow on the world stage.

In 2017, Donald Ewert started a development company, i.e., Lataminvest Co, undertaking a challenging agriculture project (Caimito Fruits Panama), successfully in Panama, shipping over 82,000 kilos of fruit weekly by air and sea to niche markets in Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany, and France.

In this exclusive interview, Donald Ewert opens up about all the factors that make the Caribbean an ideal investment destination.

Q. Hello, Donald Ewert; your organization, Lataminvest Co, is actively working towards promoting eco-tourism in Panama. Please tell us more about the project.

Donald Ewert.  While the Panama tourism ministry wants to see multiple eco-tourism types of projects on this beautiful stretch of Caribbean coastline, the first major project and center of economic activity will be Playa Belen Resort & Marina, our planned eco resort marina project with a beachfront 5-star villa style boutique hotel. The project will also have a private airstrip and numerous amenities.

Q. What type of impact will the Playa Belen Resort & Marina project have on the local community?

Donald Ewert. The entire project built out will include 152 villa units with a total investment of $100 million over the next 5 to 10 years. It will also create hundreds of short term as well as longterm jobs for all of the locals in the area.

Q. What impact will the project have on the environment, seeing as how it is surrounded by thousands of acres of Rainforest?

Donald Ewert. The project will be ecologically friendly and 100% self-sustainable. Solar powered, The hotel will grow it`s own fruit and vegetables and employ local fisherman to have fresh lobster and fish. It will be low impact contruction to be unintrusive, living in and with the rainforest.

Q. In your own words, why should investors seriously consider investing in Panama Real Estate?

Donald Ewert.  Panama is a favorite tourism and retirement destination that attracts visitors and investors from around the world. As such, there is always upward pressure on real estate pricing in various areas. However, where we see the best real estate investment opportunities coming up is on an undeveloped stretch of Caribbean coastline that is in the path of infrastructure development with still very low-priced land surrounded by thousands of acres of rain forest preserve.

Q. For anyone who is interested in investing in the Playa Belen Resort & Marina  project, what details they should know? What makes it so special?

Donald Ewert.  Well, it looks like our first-round offering is full at this time, but there will be villas available on large lots in the future that investors can purchase and put in the 5-star hotel operation when they are not using them to earn really good income. Playa Belen Resort & Marina is surrounded by thousands of acres or rain forest preserve, has beautiful beaches in front, ocean and mountain views, will have a private airstrip and freshwater marina with ocean access. The project will also have river front villas on the clear river that borders the Eastern side.

Q. You have support from the Government of Panama, which is great news for investors. How important it is for a real estate project in Panama to have support from the authorities?

Donald Ewert.  Very important. From being able for the project to obtain all the necessary approvals to being supported by the tourism ministry.

Q. What kind of returns can investors expect? Just some rough numbers will help.

Donald Ewert. We anticipate solid double-digit returns. This can range from just land speculation to owning income property in Playa Belen Resort & Marina.

Q. It’s great to hear all the work you do towards uplifting Panama and its people. Where can potential investors reach you for more details?

Donald Ewert. They can visit:

For more details, watch “Playa Belen resort & marina site tour narrated. Panama Caribbean coast” on YouTube:

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