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BTCitrum: An Scalable Layer 2 Protocol to Break the Bottleneck of Bitcoin

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BTCitrum: An Scalable Layer 2 Protocol to Break the Bottleneck of Bitcoin

May 17
22:48 2023

In the field of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has always been one of the most influential and concerned digital currencies. However, with the continuous development of the Bitcoin network and the increase in the number of users, scalability challenges have gradually emerged. In order to meet this challenge, BTCitrum Trust Foundation Pte. Ltd. creatively introduced a scalable two-layer protocol, which aims to solve the scalability problem of the Bitcoin network and improve the security and privacy of the network.

As a fund company located in Singapore, BTCitrum Trust Foundation Pte. Ltd. has emerged in the Bitcoin field with its strong financial strength and technical strength. The fund company’s mission is to promote the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem and provide investors and users with safe and reliable investment opportunities and innovative solutions.

The core goal of BTCitrum is to solve the scalability challenges facing the Bitcoin network. To this end, BTCitrum has introduced a series of innovative technologies and algorithms to improve the scalability, security and privacy of Bitcoin. One of them is the introduction of sharding technology. By dividing the entire Bitcoin network into multiple smaller subnets, each of which can process transactions independently, sharding technology significantly improves the processing power and performance of the entire network. This innovative technology not only supports more transactions and larger network participation, but also increases the degree of decentralization of the Bitcoin network, thus making the entire network more secure and stable.

In addition to sharding technology, BTCitrum also introduces light node technology. This technology provides users with access to lightweight nodes, allowing users to use fewer resources to connect to the Bitcoin network. The application of light node technology reduces the network load, improves the processing capacity and performance of the network, and reduces the operating cost of nodes, creating conditions for more users to participate in the Bitcoin network.

In addition, BTCitrum has optimized the transaction processing algorithm and adopted a more efficient verification and packaging algorithm. The application of these algorithms accelerates the speed of transaction processing and improves the transaction throughput of the entire network. At the same time, BTCitrum has also introduced technologies such as segregated witness technology and transaction lock time optimization to enhance the security and privacy of the Bitcoin network! The core technology of BTCITRUM is an innovative solution based on a scalable Layer 2 protocol. This protocol alleviates congestion on the main chain by moving transactions from the main chain to the second layer network, and makes transaction fees cheaper and faster. In addition to the scalable Layer 2 protocol, BTCitrum has also cooperated with several leading blockchain companies and organizations, including IBM, Deloitte, EY, and ledger. Through cooperation with these partners, BTCitrum will continue to promote the development of blockchain technology and provide users with more secure, efficient and scalable blockchain solutions.

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