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GTC Co., Ltd. Advances in the Global Compressor Market with High-Efficiency Gas Compressors

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GTC Co., Ltd. Advances in the Global Compressor Market with High-Efficiency Gas Compressors

September 15
19:35 2023
GTC Co., Ltd. is expanding its footprint in the global compressor market, offering high-efficiency gas compressors with optimal design, and has recently begun exporting to the US market.

GTC Co., Ltd., a leader in the compressor technology landscape with over 40 years of experience, is setting new standards in the global compressor market. The company has steadfastly committed to delivering the highest quality products, leveraging top-notch technology, and offering unparalleled service.

Since its inception in 1975, GTC has been relentlessly pursuing excellence, evolving from a machine tool company to a dominant force in the Korean compressor market. In 1981, the firm ventured into the design and manufacturing of compressors, quickly establishing itself as a leader in the domestic market.

Today, GTC stands tall as a customer-centric organization, offering system solutions for compressors and serving various business needs globally. The company is gearing up to seize the opportunities of the 21st century, guided by a mission to achieve and sustain global leadership in both domestic and international markets.

GTC’s gas compressors are designed to occupy the pinnacle position in the market, promising optimal compression efficiency. The product line includes GVCNL/Vee Type, GBCNL/Opposed Balance Type, GICNL/Vertical Type, etc.

These models cater to a wide range of capacities and pressures, handling a variety of fluids, including N2, H2, CO2, O2, NH3, CH4, C2H4, C2H6, VCG, Ar, and natural gas, among others. The compressors are versatile, with different drive types and power sources, meeting diverse environmental conditions and installation requirements.

GTC is not just resting on its laurels; the company has begun exporting its high-quality compressors to the US, forging significant deals with US companies. This move marks a significant milestone in GTC’s journey, expanding its footprint and bringing its expertise to a larger audience.

Understanding that selecting a gas compressor is a critical decision, GTC offers a detailed selection guide to assist customers in making informed choices. The guide covers various aspects, including the purpose of use, gas handling, suction and discharge conditions, coolant conditions, and more, ensuring customers find the product that perfectly suits their needs.

As GTC moves forward, it remains committed to meeting customer expectations through relentless product development and service enhancement efforts. The company invites stakeholders to express their interest and provide advice, fostering a collaborative environment to shape a successful future together.

GTC Co., Ltd. appreciates its customers’ and stakeholders’ continued support and interest as it strives to carve out a leading position in the global compressor market. 

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GTC Co., Ltd., established in 1975, is a leading manufacturer of compressors in Korea, offering a range of products with optimal compression efficiency. The company is known for its customer-oriented approach, providing system solutions for compressors globally.

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