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Vietnam War Veteran Earl “Dusty” Trimmer Launches His Third Book ‘Unbreakable Hearts’

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Vietnam War Veteran Earl “Dusty” Trimmer Launches His Third Book ‘Unbreakable Hearts’

January 29
03:45 2020
Vietnam War veteran Earl “Dusty” Trimmer releases his third book, “Unbreakable Hearts: A True, Heart-Wrenching Story About Victory… Forfeited!”

“Unbreakable Hearts: A True, Heart-Wrenching Story About Victory… Forfeited!” unveils the inside picture of the war and posts some serious indictments of Ameri-Cong Media and political bureaucrats in “the Swamp” of Washington DC who cruelly and wrongfully denied benefits and honor for returning warriors of the Vietnam War. This heart-wrenching book delivers a long overdue, unforgettable proud legacy for Vietnam War vets and families, as well as Vietnam’s people. This book had to be written!

“Earl “Dusty” Trimmer relates with both skill and personal experience events surrounding our most forgettable and misunderstood war in America’s history,” says Earl Kennedy, a U.S. Army Major (retired) and former Commander of the Combat Infantry Association. “Through this book, Dusty Trimmer brings to life our days and nights living and fighting in these foreboding jungle warfare conditions. He skillfully dives into the Vietnamese history and culture and brings the reader into understanding our Vietnamese enemy’s amazing resolve while brilliantly explaining the evolution of our Vietnamese enemy over hundreds of years of invasions and wars.”

It is evident that Mr. Trimmer who was a combat infantry soldier in the Vietnam War from 1968–1969, has done deep research on the subject as the author brings forth the terrifying and frustrating days and nights the American soldiers spent fighting the war in the foreboding Vietnamese jungle warfare conditions. He has been acclaimed by many Vietnam War veterans for telling their story in a manner that no one else probably could have.

The core message that the book aims to deliver is that American soldiers were not baby killers as portrayed by the evil Ameri-Cong or Fake Media to the world. The book also compellingly dispels the fake narrative spread by none other than President Johnson and pushed forth by the Ameri-Cong media that the soldiers were fighting just a bunch of primitive Vietnamese farmers with pitchforks and knives.

“Unbreakable Hearts” has received a large number of rave reviews for the manner in which the author has daringly demolished the lies about Vietnam War and its veterans. The most profuse praises have come from none other than the present President of the United States, Donald Trump.

This is what he had to say about the author’s mission:

“Dear Mr. Trimmer, thank you for sending the books. I am grateful for your thoughtful gesture and of course your service to our country. I appreciate your steadfast support which strengthens me as I continue to fight for the values that you and I cherish. Melania and I send our best wishes.” Donald J. Trump. President (8/7/19)

Many other key personalities have shared their positive views on the book:

“Congratulations brother Dusty on your most timely books. I hope you are well and that we can speak out on this all important topic for our brothers”. Best wishes.” Pat Sajak, Celebrity (Army Vietnam Vet)

“Author Trimmer delivers credible messages across the VA’s minefield of issues that get stepped on by veterans seeking deserved healthcare. He empties his heart out to help veterans in a VA system that has lacked so much for too long. Way to take up the battle Dusty!” – Hodge Wood, Reviewer Military Writers Society Of America

“Mr. Trimmer, I began reading your new book last evening and could not put it down. Thank you for all you have done to make people aware of the plight of our Nam veterans… I truly have a deep; interest in healing those veterans and thank you for being a compassionate-driven, honest human being. Thank you for your service.” Robert Marcus, Ph.D. Homeless Outreach Dept of Veterans Affairs

About Earl “Dusty” Trimmer:

Earl “Dusty” Trimmer served with a highly decorated unit of the U.S. Army’s 25th Infantry Division in the bloody years of 1968-69. He began writing his books to share the horror filled  experiences of his warrior buddies in his first book “Condemned Property?” launched in December 2013. Many Vietnam vets urged him to continue writing. Despite two Ischemic Strokes and one Cerebral Vascular Stroke, leaving permanent impairments, he launched “Payback Time” in 2015 and most recently “Unbreakable Hearts”. All three chastised the VA for its shameful treatment of America’s Vietnam War veterans. “UNBREAKABLE HEARTS” leaves a long overdue and greatly deserved… LEGACY OF HONOR for Vietnam vets and families that they will be proud of.

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You can purchase the book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Dog Ear Publishing, Author website or direct from the author by telephone 330.842.0359 or email [email protected]

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