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Official Commencement of Super SAC·NanKunShan International Automobile Carnival

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Official Commencement of Super SAC·NanKunShan International Automobile Carnival

March 05
23:10 2020

At 9:00 a.m. on December 28th, 2019, the curtain of Super SAC·NanKunShan International Automobile Carnival had been officially lifted at the banquet hall of Nankun Hot Spring Resort. This event witnessed the gathering of the most influential car owner clubs and car owner communities in the region of Southern China, as well as the hill-road drifting performed by top drifting team from Europe, and a new Guinness World Record challenged by 384 Mercedes-Benz cars, which attracted the attention of various visitors and media and influenced over hundreds of thousands of car owners.

At the end, there came a new world record of the Largest Parade of Mercedes-Benz Cars of Guinness World Record, Hill-road Drifting performance on Nankunshan Mountain of China presented by Slide Drifting Team from France, the Classic and Locomotive Cars Show. All these world-class Auto sports IP activities became a hot topic among the Chinese car owner communities and created a world-class automobile carnival for the world-class hill road on the mountain of Nankunshan in the county of Longmen, Huizhou City,Guangdong,P.R.China.

NanKunShan International Automobile Carnival was co-organized by UNICLUB Group (Guangzhou UNICLUB Information Technology Co.Ltd. and Uniclub Information Technology UK Limited) and CAMF (China Automobiles & Motorsport Federation) of Guangdong, undertaken by Huizhou Lianqi Industries Investment Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Zhuang Jia Zhuang Hot Spring Resort) and strongly supported by the Culture, Radio & Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Longmen County, which was also sponsored by the County Garden, Nan Kun Hot Spring Resort, Noey Resort Hotel and FUJIIRYoKI alkaline ionized water.

At the event’s opening, Mr. Yudong Tian, a Standing Committee Member of Longmen County addressed that this event introduced automobile sport and culture to the Nankunshan Culture & Tourism Scheme, providing a new method and trial for the entire development philosophy of tourism on Nankunshan Mountain and ushering in a good start for the building of world-class hill-road auto sport IP there.

Mr. Zhu Yang, Standing Vice-President of CAMF of Guangdong, addressed that this Auto sport IP event of hill-road race on Nankunshan Mountain of Longmen, an event of scarcity and with distinctive theme, would introduce a special motorsport IP and theme to the entire tourism in Longmen and Nankunshan, and would demonstrate the unique charm of Nankunshan and joys of landscape in Longmen to the world by virtue of speed and passion from motorsport.

And Mr. Kention Huang (KK), Vice-President of CAMF of Guangdong, CEO of UNICLUB Group denoted that, centering on the Auto sport IP of Nankunshan Hill-road Circuit (28km) and in combination of the well-being, culture and tourism supporting in Nankunshan, a leaping development would be achieved by building a world-class IP of the featured motorsport with a philosophy of “One Mountain & One Track” and creating the TOP IP and subject content, which would inject themes and contents for the entire tourism in Longmen.

The French guests, Mr. Samuel Pott from IQ 12 and Mr. Gabriel Cerdan from Slide Drift Team mentioned that, Nankunshan Mountain is the venue suitable for slide & drift based on their expertise and years of drift experience on Alps. They assured that Longmen would be much more popular after this event and would like to promote the Sino-French automotive & cultural exchange and work for a better future of Chinese automobile culture together with UNICLUB Group.

At 1:30 p.m., the challenge of Guinness World Record officially started. A total of 384 Mercedes Benz cars from every corner of China gathered in this activity. Onsite, visitors may discover various models of Mercedes-Benz cars, modern and classic, including the Mercedes C class, E class, S class, W140 S Class, SL Class, G class, Sibinter and etc. Hundreds of Mercedes-Benz cars, of a total length of nearly 5 kilometers, paraded on Nankunshan Mountain, challenging the Guinness World Record for the Largest Parade of Mercedes Benz cars as the motorcade arrayed from the Nanyou Avenue to Liwu Village. Onsite, many car owners spread this challenge spontaneously to platforms including Douyin, WeChat and others. Media came and visitors gathered, to witness the mega power of Chinese car owners!

Alone or with families or friends, a total of 384 Mercedes-Benz car owners showed to audiences their orderly and concerted cooperation to challenge a Guinness World Record with the overall coordination by organizers, the strong support from all levels of departments in Longmen County, and the convoy by 430 Motorcycle Club and Huizhou Dongjiang League of Offroad Rescue Fleet. Within the motorcade, Mr. Zhu Yang (Standing Vice-President of CAMF of Guangdong) drove in person in the front of parade, as Ms. Huiling Wu (Director General of the Culture, Radio & Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Longmen County) also participated therein and Mr. Kention Huang (Vice-President of CAMF of Guangdong and CEO of UNICLUB) took charge of the coordination on spot. Solemn and magnificent as it was, a total length of path for this parade exceeded 10 kilometers from the start, Jincheng Village, to the end, Wuni Village. One by one, the motorcade matched forward on the meandering hill road of Nankunshan Mountain of 28km,which had been constructed for 10 years, for purpose of challenging a Guinness World Record. It is deemed as a salute to the planners and constructers of Nanyou Avenue and a coronation of Nankunshan World-class Hill-road Circuit which also demonstrated for the first time the mega power of Chinese car owners to the world.

The attempt of challenge was concluded after the announcement of an official Guinness World Records Judge when the final Mercedes-Benz car passed the end, allowing the commencement of video evidence authentication. At 10:30 p.m., the official Guiness Judge gave the official announcement that the challenge of the Largest Parade of Mercedes-Benz Cars succeeded after the approval of onsite and video evidences by Guinness World Record. The motorcade consisting of 384 Mercedes-Benz cars broke the 323-car record of the Largest Parade of Mercedes-Benz Cars achieved in Netherlands in 2016, and kept a new record in China, in Nankunshan of Longmen! Though it was at 11:00 p.m., the success of challenge became the hottest topic in the Chinese car owner circle and left a memorable impression to numerous car owners. This is the world record left on Nankunshan Mountain by Mercedes-Benz car owners! This was also the first world record achieved by Chinese car owners with branded foreign motorcade on Nankunshan Mountain! This is the first world record achieved by Chinese car owners in the hundred-year history of Mercedes-Benz brand! There eventually came the world-class record on Nankunshan Mountain! It can be predicted that the motorsports of passion would inject new thought, concept and theme into the culture and tourism in Longmen, and build the featured Longmen Model for the entire tourism in certain region.

Meanwhile, the Car Show of classic cars, locomotives and stance cars at the St. Roman Automobile Manor Club (Owned by Huizhou LIANQI and formerly known as Zhuang Jia Zhuang Hot Spring Resort) as well attracted the attendance of numerous car owners. The campfire party became much wonderful against the beautiful fireworks all over the sky.

On December 29th, 2019, as the Nankunshan Hill-road Track started to close at 10 o’clock, Mr. Gabriel Cerdan from Slide Drift Team, who is one of the top racers of slide & drift in Europe, performed the drifting successively by driving GTR34, and the Jaguar F-type on the new S355 hill-road circuit of Nankunshan Mountain, including the performance of turn-around drift, hill-road drift, serial drift in the shape of 8, autochthonous drift in concentric circles. Each drift satisfied the audience on spot as passion burst on Nankunshan Mountain with the roaring engines, the incitant sound produced by tires when the car was braked, the hill-road circuit with beautiful scenery, and the world-class Nankunshan circuit and drifting racers. All the splendid moments had been recorded in all dimensions by professional photographers from Alps and Chinese media professionals, which also built the bridge for Nankunshan motorsport to connect the world. Ms. Huiling Wu, Director General of the Culture, Radio & Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Longmen County, Mr. Xiuqun Zhong, Deputy Director General of the aforesaid Bureau, and leaders of Longmen Transportation Bureau witnessed on spot the drifting performance and enjoyed the unique charm of motorsport undertaken on this ancient mountain!

Mr. Gabriel Cerdan from Slide Drift Team said to the media during interview after his performance, that the Nankunshan Hill-road Circuit is the best world-class touge track among all the touge tracks he had driven on, and the world-class motorsport organized on Nankunshan is almost perfect, based on their numerous experiences of organizing the drift race in Europe and the world as Slide Drift Team is a top IP in the aspect of slide and drift in Europe. He said that Slide Drift Team will cooperate with UNICLUB, Huizhou Lianqi Industries and St.Roman Automobile Manor Club (formerly known as Zhuang Jia Zhuang Hot Spring Resort to create a world-class touge drift event for Nankunshan thereafter and promote it to the world!

As the final activity of the 2019 Super SAC Automobile Cultural Serial Events, this activity maintained the philosophy of “from the car owners, for the car owners” persisted by Super SAC, which at the same time was a typical case of IP operation by UNICLUB in the civic Automotive, technological, cultural and creative industries. It created the most unique and suitable opening for the Nankunshan S355 Hill Road in Longmen and brought the world-level automotive, technological, cultural and creative contents to Longmen. Super SAC, gathers the mega power of Chinese car owners!

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