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Farm-to-Table Advocate & Farmer, Steve Buchanan Omaha, Boasts the Importance of Farmers

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Farm-to-Table Advocate & Farmer, Steve Buchanan Omaha, Boasts the Importance of Farmers

June 06
01:45 2020

As a farmer and entrepreneur for over 40 years, Steve Buchanan of Omaha knows a thing or two about farming and its importance for everyone.

Steve Buchanan of Omaha Nebraska farmer, is not only a farmer since basically childhood, but he is an advocate for fresh produce and the farm-to-table movement, too. He grew up on a farm and was a part of a family tradition of farmers, spending most of his life outside on the family farm.

Steve Buchanan an Omaha Farmer

As a person who grew up on a farm, Steve Buchanan has carried on the tradition by owning his own farm as well, along with his wife of 15 years, Samantha, and their three daughters. Rain or shine, he spends each day in the field caring for his animals and tending to his crops. Steve Buchanan hopes that in the future his daughters will want to continue the family tradition of working on the farm. His twin brother, Sean, even owns his own dairy farm, too!

Steve Buchanan  has been an entrepreneur in Omaha for 41 years in the farming and agriculture space. He provides local restaurants with food from his farm to help them receive the best and freshest ingredients to cook with and consume.

On the importance of having fresh food coming straight from a farm, Steve Buchanan of Omaha says, “growing up on a farm, I always had a great work ethic and worked hard on the farm. But I knew at the end of the day, I’d have a fresh meal straight from the work that my family and I put into the farm, and we were providing our bodies with great ingredients that we were able to cultivate and take care of on our own. And there’s no better feeling than that.”

Steve Buchanan on the Importance of Farmers

Since Steve Buchanan grew up on a farm, he is able to see both from an inside and outside perspective how important farmers are to our country and for our restaurants and people. Having great ingredients full of the nutrients we need is vital to staying healthy, especially during times of a virus and pandemic.

“Our nation was built on farmers, and we need to keep producing more farmers for next generations to keep having quality ingredients,” Steve Buchanan Omaha says. “I hope my three daughters will take over on the family farm one day; that would make me incredibly proud and happy to see.”

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