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Vermisse Whitening Series: A Healthy, All-Round Skin Care Regime

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Vermisse Whitening Series: A Healthy, All-Round Skin Care Regime

November 03
00:50 2020

Vermisse is a niche skincare brand from Europe, whose recently launched whitening series, which offers masks, serums and creams, among others, is gaining quite a popularity now among consumers.

Whether it’s high stress levels, irregular routines, or improper skincare regimes, they could all lead to blemishes, acne or hyperpigmentation. Unlike intentional tanning, this change in complexion contributes to an unhealthy appearance. That’s why skin lightening products are in high demand.

When it comes to skin lightening, Vermisse believes it’s superficial to ponder merely over lightening on its own, that is, you can’t truly own healthy radiant skin without identifying the root cause of pigmentation disorder. Vermisse therefore places its focus on stopping hyperpigmentation. And the key here is melanin. Melanin is an amino acid derivative located in the basal layer of the epidermis. It’s the primary determinant of skin color and affects skin health. Melanin itself has the role of protecting skin from UV damage. It’s the reason why the more time we spend in the sun, the darker our skin gets. As a defense mechanism against UV rays that could cause cell damage, our skin secretes a large amount of melanin, which subsequently contributes to the darkened skin tone. For other pigmentation issues like blemishes and scars, they are usually due to excessive production of melanin that causes patches of skin to become darker.

Vermisse whitening products are able to promote melanin turnover, reduce and interrupt melanin production by suppressing the action of tyrosinase and impeding the oxidative polymerization of melanin intermediates. By inhibiting “darkening” at its source, our skin becomes naturally lighter and clearer.

In addition to the whitening series, Vermisse offers other skin care products, such as eye cream and pore minimizing toner, which are equally efficacious in improving various skin conditions. All Vermisse products are developed under one philosophy: to create beauty on the basis of healthy skin.

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