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Finding the Key to Mental Health – Alysha Gill’s Newly Released Book is a Comprehensive Self-Love Guide

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Finding the Key to Mental Health – Alysha Gill’s Newly Released Book is a Comprehensive Self-Love Guide

February 02
19:51 2021

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada – February 2, 2021 – International best-selling author and highly proactive mental health advocate Alysha Gill has now released her new book, Anxious Fighter: From Mental Health to Mental Wealth. The book documents her journey of struggling with and finding recovery from negative self-dialogue, while learning to love herself. Not only does the book aim to help those struggling with mental health but it also serves as an educational resource for people who may not suffer from mental health issues themselves but have a friend or family member who does.

Anxious Fighter, a term that Alysha has coined for herself, signifies the fact that hope is always there and it’s worth fighting for. By sharing her life story and intimate details, Alysha wants her readers to know that no matter how anxious or crushed one may feel, there is always going to be a turning point and that managing mental illness is always possible. The book speaks openly about suicidal thoughts and addresses the daily impact they had on Alysha over the course of many years. People who struggle with the same things as the author can find hope and strength in this book but also find validity and know that they are not alone. Alysha has shown extreme vulnerability in order to depict the life of a person struggling with suicidal thoughts. However, all of the struggle leads to a silver lining and Alysha hopes her words can get her readers one step closer to that place of happiness.

Alysha Gill is a renowned poet and international best-selling author with a strong passion for mental health awareness. She is involved in mental health advocacy within her community. With her literary endeavors, she aims to spread her message of hope and resilience to people all across the world in order to imbue them with the hope for betterment and the strength for recovery. Working with the youth at Surrey School District to create a positive environment and remove the stigma from mental health awareness, she also volunteers regularly with the Asian Youth Mental Health Team.

Her openness in writing this book and sharing her story was made possible because she made herself strong enough to overcome the pain and started believing in herself. Life is a constant struggle between beauty and darkness and Alysha wants her story to serve as a positive example for anyone around the world who is struggling with any kind of mental health issues or self-harm tendencies in particular. Alysha Gill is available for interviews.

Anxious Fighter: From Mental Health to Mental Wealth is now available on

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