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Incredible Xinjiang | Roaming in the Ancient City of Kashgar

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Incredible Xinjiang | Roaming in the Ancient City of Kashgar

June 14
20:40 2021

When one decides to visit Xinjiang in northwestern China, Kashgar is probably a must-see. When visitors arrive in Kashgar, the ancient city of Kashgar must be the first scenic spot to visit.

People are roaming in the Ancient City of Kashgar. 

The Ancient City of Kashgar is one of the world’s largest earth architectural complexes. Roaming in the well-preserved labyrinth of streets, seeing the narrow lanes and crowded dwellings with elaborately carved doors and windows, visitors feel time has forgotten to tick.

Besides the dominant color of dwellings – the yellowish-brown, green plants, flowers decorate the lanes and dwellings, as well as the grape trees and mulberry trees enlighten the walls of the diligent homemakers. 

The home-stay in the Ancient City of Kashgar.

The Ancient City of Kashgar is also known for its bustling bazaars, featuring different trades: local cuisine, handicraft products, antiques and jewelry. 

Tourists are tasting mulberries.

In a 100-year-old teahouse, several elder Uygurs enjoy their tea time. Of course, it is also their music time for playing Rewap (a traditional musical instrument of Xinjiang)and singing. At the same-time, the good smell of coffee emanating from the newly opened cafe fulfills the lane. 

The home-stay in the Ancient City of Kashgar.

Old fashion mixing with modern style, joy and peace combining with the hustle and bustle, people can never describe the Ancient City with one word. And it is also the reason why people are attracted.

“Mutton in cup” internet-famous food in Kashgar

A 36 years old lady, Zhang Jiayi, from Henan province decided to quit her job and started a new one in the Ancient City, when she first visits here. Last year, she opened a home-stay with her girlfriend, signed a ten-year lease. The home-stay has ten rooms, and each room rents five or six hundred yuan(about 80 or 90 U.S. dollars)a day in tourist rush season. 

A corner in Ancient City of Kashgar

“The slow pace of life here is attractive. People naturally want to be part of it. Besides that, supports and incentives for entrepreneurs from local government are also perfect.” said Zhang.

Uygur girl in ethnic costume.

26 years old Uygur girl Guldanmu is glad to see the changes of the Ancient City. Dirty and messy ,the Ancient City of Kashgar used to be an unpleasant place for Guldanmu in her childhood as well as other residents lived here. “When one child plays on the street, just a few minutes later, the mother would not recognize her child, for every kids on the street would be covered full of mud and dust.” 

Musical instrument shop owner is playing.

Thanks to the renovation project with an investment of more than 7 billion yuan (1.09 billion U.S. dollars) started in 2010, rendering local buildings earthquake-proof while maintaining their traditional ethnic and historical charm.

Part of a home-stay.

Now, water pipes, power grid and infrastructures installed in modern districts are also provided here. Tidy and clear lanes, well-protected regional cultural life style, beautiful and highly livable living conditions, Guldanmu witnesses the changes and the preserves of the Ancient City.

When night falls, the Ancient City transforms into another world of joy. It is illumined by the bustling night bazaar. The mouthwatering local food will be provided in the bazaar, roast mutton, home made yogurt, various fresh vegetables and local flavored snacks. And now, for sure, a voice will keep saying, “stay and live here.” 

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