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Hainan Initiative on Digital Therapeutics 2023

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Hainan Initiative on Digital Therapeutics 2023

September 05
11:24 2023

The World Digital Therapeutics Conference 2023 was successfully held in Haikou. The conference to “navigate the new future of industrial ecology, build human health community” as the theme, aims to explore the direction of global digital therapeutics development, trends and opportunities for cooperation, and actively promote the creation of Hainan world digital therapeutics innovation island brand.

In this conference, by the party secretary of the Health Commission of Hainan Province, director Zhou Changqiang, director of a number of academicians and experts led by the release of the “Hainan Initiative on Digital Therapeutics 2023”, the initiative of a total of 15 articles, the content is as follows:

1. Accelerate the development of affordable, efficient, and high-quality digital health solutions with a people-centered and innovative approach, promoting the formation of a digital health ecosystem, continuously enhancing the well-being of all mankind and achieve the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2. Expedite high-quality clinical research, focusing on research needs and challenges. Accelerate the research and development of high-quality digital therapeutic products with the principle of evidence-based medicine, to better satisfy the community’s health need.

3. Improve the supply of digital therapeutic products and digital health solutions, and the governments’allocation of healthcare resources, to enhance the accessibility of digital health services for all income groups.

4. Establish efficient partnerships of digital therapeutics, forming an ecosystem where policy makers, regulators, healthcare providers, patients, and product manufacturers collaboratively shape the digital therapeutics landscape.

5. Accelerate the construction of a globally innovative hub for digital therapeutics in Hainan, converging medical, research, and industrial partners to elevate local health and well-being, while offering the world a model of regional digital health practices.

6. Promote health economics research centered around digital therapeutics, guided by the concept of holistic health approach. Aim to reduce comprehensive medical costs and proactively explore new ways and models for digital therapeutic payment.

7. Propel digital technology to empower the healthcare systems in the new era. Apply digital therapeutic products in various specialized fields and diseases treatment, optimizing the effects of digital technology to enhance healthcare system efficiency.

8. Advance the construction of digital health infrastructure, accelerate the establishment of an end-to-end, all-scenario digital platforms, eliminate digital divides, and provide vital support for the R&D and application of digital therapeutics.

9. Strengthen investment in digital health public products, digital systems, and health data. Build capacities of government departments, healthcare institutions, and innovative enterprises, to expedite the realization of the digital health vision.

10. Promote the dissemination of high-quality digital therapeutic technologies and best practices. Eradicate barriers for developing countries and regions in accessing digital health technologies and information. Enhance global exchanges and collaborations on digital therapeutics.

11. Promote research on digital therapeutic monitoring models, evaluating the impact of digital therapeutic solutions on healthcare system transformation and individual health improvement, while predicting trends and addressing challenges that follow.

12. Encourage the widespread adoption of digital health concepts in the whole society. Accelerate the public’s understanding of digital health ideas, fostering a universal consensus on digital health.

13. Strengthen the formulation of regulatory standards for the digital therapeutics, facilitating the healthy and rapid development of digital therapeutic products within well-defined boundaries.

14. Based on personal privacy protection and data security, expedite the utilization of health data, fully unlocking the core value and economic potential of health data as a key production factor within a traceable and shareable framework.

15. Mainstreaming digital health in global health governance, assisting the world in addressing critical health challenges. Ensure equitable access to the benefits of digital technology for everyone’s health, and contribute to the efforts in building a Shared Global Community of Health for All.

The General Assembly hopes that the release of the “Hainan Initiative on Digital Therapeutics 2023” can link Hainan and all parties to work together to develop new roads, new theories, new rules of digital therapeutics, and to work together for the global digital therapeutics industry innovation.

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